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shoe care

upon purchase

if you live in an area with lots of moisture, weather and grime, it's best to spray all leather goods upon purchase with any waterproofing spray. if your shoes are made of a suede or nubuck finished leather, this is particularly important. after spraying, clean leather as needed. for leather shoes, using a creamy cleaner like meltonian all-purpose cleaner. polish with a neutral color, cream-based shoe polish. respray with waterproofing spray after cleaning & polishing.


for heavy stains

use a spot cleaner. our favorite is lincoln ez cleaner, which is made for suedes & nubucks, but can be used on any leather. for suedes & nubucks, follow the directions on the bottle. for other leathers, simply apply cleaner to a rag, rub the spot with a little pressure, and allow to dry. then follow with a cream-based shoe polish.


after a lot of walking

most of our shoes have leather soles that will degrade with use (because they're a natural material). after approximately one season of wear, you may need to replace the sole at the heel of your shoes. after two seasons, you may need to replace the entire sole. heel and sole replacement can be done economically by any professional shoe repair shop. 




for any other concerns or maintenance questions, please feel free to email us with questions.

we very much recommend finding a local shoe repair shop - your local cobbler can keep your shoes in great shape, and can make recommendations based on your foot, wearing and local climate.